Cable TV Service

The three major cable providers in the area are Comcast, Cox Communications and Verizon FIOS.

  • Comcast has local offices at 10841 Houser Drive in Fredericksburg and at 1128 Garrisonville Road in Stafford. Call Comcast at 1-800-COMCAST (800) 266-2278, or visit Comcast's website
  • Cox has a local office at 1310 Belman Road in Fredericksburg (540) 373-6343, or visit Cox's website
  • Verizon can be reached at (800) 837-4966 or visit Verizon's website. To check Fios availability, visit Verizon Fios
For DSL service visit the resource site Virginia DSL Providers

Satellite cable is provided by HughesNet. Please visit the HughesNet website for more information.

Please note that parts of Stafford County are considered rural by companies that provide high-speed Internet connectivity via cable, telephone (both land-line and cellular) and wireless providers. While these services are more readily available along Stafford's major transportation corridors, such as I-95, Jefferson Davis Highway and Garrisonville Road, they are not always available in all parts of Stafford. 

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