Stafford County Celebrates Drinking Water Week

Drinking Water Week, May 5-11, highlights the importance of safe drinking water and recognizes our water professionals' tireless efforts to ensure its availability. Stafford County honors the critical work that its water professionals accomplish around the clock to ensure the delivery of safe and reliable tap water to the community. Drinking water is essential for the health, hydration and hygiene needed for a good quality of life. Additionally, tap water delivers public health protection, fire protection and helps support Stafford’s economy.

"Our treatment facilities are recognized for compliance nationally, and I credit our dedicated and professional staff for those distinctions," says Lake Mooney Water Treatment Facility Manager Matt Sauter. "In addition to ensuring high-quality drinking water, Stafford County is committed to protecting our natural water resources, and we invite the public to assist us with that mission."

Stafford County's Utilities Department provided approximately 10 million gallons of water daily in 2023 to serve more than 125,000 valued customers. To provide this high volume of water, the department treats almost four billion gallons of drinking water annually at Stafford County’s two water treatment facilities, Lake Mooney and Smith Lake. A vast utilities infrastructure is required to carry water to and from homes and businesses.

The Utilities Department of Stafford County is staffed by a dedicated team that works tirelessly to maintain two water treatment facilities, over 700 miles of water line, 90 pump stations, 16 storage tanks and 10 water booster stations. This team, consisting of maintenance workers, plant operators, engineers and administrators, works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure the safety of drinking water for the community. Their unwavering commitment is the backbone of Stafford’s water management system, and the County is grateful for their service. Stafford County Utilities is steadfast in its commitment to providing high-quality water whenever you reach for your tap.