Stafford's Board of Supervisors Holds 2024 Organizational Meeting

BOS_2024The Stafford Board of Supervisors held its annual organizational meeting on January 2, 2024. The purpose of the meeting was to elect a new Chairman and Vice Chairman, assign committee members and appoint members of the public to boards, authorities, committees and commissions. Supervisor Meg Bohmke, Falmouth District, was elected by her fellow Board members to serve as Chairman. The Board elected Supervisor Tinesha Allen of the Griffis-Widewater District to be Vice Chairman. 

“This Board has important work to do in finding a framework to navigate the need for new schools while meeting the transportation, employment and economic needs of our residents,” said Chairman Meg Bohmke, Falmouth District. “I am confident my extensive experience with the Board and organizations such as FAMPO, the Bay Consortium and the R-Board, gives me the ability to help this Board make the decisions needed to move our county forward.”

This is Chairman Meg Bohmke’s eleventh year of service on the Board of Supervisors. Meg Bohmke was elected Vice Chairman by her fellow Board members in 2017 and was elected Chairman twice, in 2018 and 2020. Vice Chairman Tinesha Allen is beginning her second term, starting her service on the Board in 2020.

The Board is comprised of six returning members and one new member. In addition to Bohmke and Allen, members include: Monica Gary, Aquia District; Dr. Pamela Yeung, Garrisonville District; newly elected member Deuntay Diggs, George Washington District; Darrell English, Hartwood District; and Crystal Vanuch, Rock Hill District.