GWRideConnect Provides Options for Commuters

If you’ve been thinking about ways to make your work commute more efficient, eco-friendly, less expensive, and less stressful – then you need to know about GWRideConnect, your perfect one-stop-shop for the most up-to-date transportation options from the region. GWRideConnect is the free ridesharing service in the Fredericksburg, VA, region that connects you to transportation solutions other than driving alone. New Year’s is the perfect time to reevaluate your commuting plan, and GWRideConnect, Stafford’s community partner, is the ideal place to start.

Rideshare Your Way to Work with Vanpooling/Carpooling

If you are new to vanpooling/carpooling, you might have questions about how to get started and find a suitable match for your route. GWRideConnect has you covered, with 172+ vanpool routes originating in Stafford County; chances are one is heading to your work location. Their database generates free match lists, eliminating guesswork and making connecting with others who share your commute route easy.

Take Transit – Bus and Train Options from Stafford County

Stafford County residents have public transportation options, including the convenient OmniRide Bus Service to the Pentagon and Washington, D.C., from 610 Park and Ride Lot at Stafforboro Blvd. OmniRide added new routes from Stafford on December 11 from the Courthouse Road Commuter Lot to the State Department and from the Route 17 Commuter Lot to Pentagon/Rosslyn/Ballston.

The Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is another excellent option from Stafford with service to Northern Virginia and D.C. from two train stations in Stafford County at Brooke Rd and Leeland Road. The ride is smooth, relaxing and a great choice to avoid the icy, wintery roads…so bundle up and grab your favorite coffee then ride and relax all the way to work.

Slugging: An Efficient Commuting Solution

Informal carpooling, or “slugging,” is a cost-effective option to get to Northern Virginia and the Pentagon from the 610 (Staffordboro Boulevard) Park and Ride Lot. 400+ commuters stand in a line daily and wait for a car to pull up and pick up riders so they can utilize the HOV-3+/Express Lanes for FREE and cruise into work. To access GWRideConnect’s recent Slug Report, please follow this link:

Park and Ride Lots for your Convenience

GWRideConnects understands the importance of convenient parking when transitioning smoothly from solo driving to public transportation/ridesharing. Their team can provide information about nearby VDOT Park and Ride Lots in Stafford County, ensuring your daily commute starts on the right foot.

Commuting doesn’t have to be a solitary, stressful experience. 2024 is the year to resolve to change how you travel to work. Embrace the benefits of carpooling, vanpooling, and public transit. With GWRideConnect, your free ride-matching service, you’ll have all the transportation information you need to find and love your new commute. Simply visit their website to register at: or call them at (540) 373-7665.