New Sign Assists Visitors in Finding Bricks at Armed Services Memorial

In a heartfelt tribute to the heroes who have served our nation, Stafford County is proud to announce the installation of a new sign at the Stafford County Armed Services Memorial. This sign is designed to help visitors locate the bricks they have donated to honor their loved ones who served in the armed forces.

The Stafford County Armed Services Memorial has long been a place of reverence, where friends and families gather to pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Over the years, the Memorial has grown, with more and more bricks inscribed with the names of veterans and their supporters. Finding a specific brick can be a challenge.

The new sign aims to make the memorial more accessible and visitor-friendly. The sign features a map with a link to the website which aids visitors in locating a specific brick’s location. You can also locate bricks ahead of time by visiting

For more information on the Armed Services Memorial or on purchasing a brick please visit