Hispanic Heritage Month Welcomes New US Quarter

The American Women's Quarter Program is a remarkable initiative that aims to honor the contributions of influential women throughout American history by featuring them on the U.S. quarter coin. To date, 20 remarkable women have been recognized through this program including five in 2023. This year’s honorees include Bessie Coleman, Edith Kanaka’ole, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jovita Idar and Maria Tallchief. During Hispanic Heritage Month, Jovita Idar stands out as a trailblazing figure with a special connection to the Stafford County Government.

Jovita Idar was a Mexican-American journalist, educator, and civil rights activist born in 1885 in Laredo, Texas. She came from a family that valued education and social justice, instilling in her a deep commitment to advocate for the rights of Mexican Americans and women.

Idar is best known for her pioneering work as a journalist. In 1910, she founded and edited "La Crónica," a bilingual newspaper that addressed social issues and advocated for the rights of Mexican Americans. Through her writing, she shed light on the challenges faced by her community, including discrimination, labor exploitation and inadequate education.

Jovita Idar was not limited to fighting for the rights of Mexican Americans; she was also a fervent advocate for women's rights. She was a member of the Liga Femenil Mexicanista, an organization dedicated to advancing women's causes. Idar's efforts to promote gender equality were groundbreaking for her time and laid the foundation for future generations of women activists. Her activism extended to organizing and participating in numerous civil rights demonstrations, making her a fearless voice for justice and equality.

Idar’s great-nephew is an employee at Stafford County Government and was recently honored with his family in San Antonio, Texas by the U.S Mint, Smithsonian and University of Texas – San Antonio.

“Jovita Idar’s remarkable achievements have always been known to me and my family, but this program brings her inspiring story to a broader audience,” said Andrew Lopez Spence, Stafford County Chief Director of Information Services. “Her tireless dedication to journalism, women's rights and civil rights continue to inspire and empower people today, plus it is amazing to see a relative on the back of a US quarter!”

To find out more about Jovita and the other brave American women part of the American Women's Quarter Program, please visit https://www.usmint.gov/learn/coin-and-medal-programs/american-women-quarters.