Construction on the Enon Tank Project Continues to Move Forward

This year, significant progress has been made on Stafford County’s newest elevated water storage tank off Enon Road. The $6.25 million project is an investment in Stafford’s utility infrastructure to ensure that all parts of the County are well-supplied as the population grows. The Enon Water Tank is located adjacent to the current Abel Lake Water Reservoir and pumping station and will be approximately 100 feet tall. The vertical construction is now two-thirds complete with the dome-shaped roof to be added next.

An additional water tank with the capacity to hold two million gallons of water is necessary to bring an increased flow of water to the northern part of the County, which is growing in population. The water brought to the Enon Water Tank will originate from the Lake Mooney Water Treatment Facility to the south. The county’s two reservoirs, Lake Mooney and Smith Lake in the north, were designed to meet the community's water needs for many years. The reservoirs provide an average of 9.4 million gallons of water to Stafford County residents daily.

Residents may notice that the Enon Water Tank looks slightly different than other County water tanks. It is a composite tank similar to the tanks at Celebrate Virginia and Stafford Hospital, with a concrete column and steel bowl. However, it is much shorter and larger in capacity than those tanks. First, the height of the steel bowl section is set to match the best elevation for service in that area and to keep water pressure within certain limits. Second, the volume of the steel bowl section is set relative to how many residents and businesses are within the served water zone. Enon Tank’s desired pressure range is reached with a relatively short tank and the volume is large enough to serve the area.

This added capacity in the infrastructure provides the ability to meet the future needs of the Centreport area and the County's Northern end. The project is estimated to be completed in the spring of 2024. Once the construction of the tank is finished, painting and site work will be done before commissioning it into service. While driving on Enon Road between I-95 and Truslow Road, be aware of construction traffic that may result in short traffic stops throughout standard working hours. Please drive cautiously in the area, as both approaches to the construction site entrance have limited visibility.

This new water tank is part of a group of projects to improve water flow and delivery to the northern and eastern portions of the County's public water system to supplement the water supply to those areas. These investments will provide a resilient system for Stafford County utility customers for years to come. For more information on the project, visit