Stafford County Launches a Neighborhood Services Program

Stafford County has launched a new Neighborhood Services program to assist residents better. The program acts as a liaison between neighborhoods and Stafford County, helping better assist and assess neighborhood issues. It is like a personal concierge service for neighborhoods!

The Neighborhood Services program’s ultimate goal is to form partnerships with neighborhoods, providing them with the resources and knowledge they need for a thriving community. The program also seeks to actively engage neighborhoods to participate in all aspects of improving their communities.

The Neighborhood Services program was formed to assist neighborhoods and to provide official information regarding living in Stafford County. There are three ways to engage with the program:

  • There is a monthly newsletter, “In the Know,” that Homeowners’ Associations (HOAs) may disseminate to their residents or to which individuals may subscribe. The newsletter is tailored toward the news that impacts homeowners and neighborhoods exclusively.
  • There is a new webpage on Stafford’s website,, with links to information on building permits, zoning regulations, paying bills, etc.
  • HOAs may request a presentation on topics of their choice for their HOA meetings. For example, if residents have concerns about parking, a staff member can come present and answer questions.

By fostering partnerships with neighborhoods, Stafford County hopes to open up a direct line of communication with its residents to hear and address their concerns and needs. Stafford County looks forward to building relationships with its neighborhoods while learning how to serve them better.