Stafford County Transitions to a More User-Friendly Agenda Center

Transparency and accessibility are priorities of Stafford’s Board of Supervisors. It is important to the Board that the public can easily access every part of the decision-making process. To that end, a more user-friendly agenda center experience is currently available to learn more about those Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission or other board, authority, committee or commission (BACC) meetings. And if you prefer to learn visually, check out our below.

Visit the Agenda Center
The easiest way to access items on the agenda is to visit the front page of Stafford’s website,, and click on the “Agendas and Minutes’ button on the front page. That will take you directly to the agenda center. You can scroll through the listed meetings to find an agenda or simply click on the calendar day to find meetings and agendas. You can search by committee name.

Deciphering the Agenda
Once you are redirected to a particular agenda, you will have a few choices. To see the agenda by item with links to files, visit “Meeting Overview.” To download files and items, visit “Meeting Files.” You can do the same thing on a mobile device. Just remember to scroll down to find the buttons to click.

The easiest way to stay up-to-date on agenda information is to subscribe. You can sign up to receive emails from particular BACCs or Board committees, and you will be notified when new agendas are available. If you visit the “Agendas and Minutes” page, there is an option to subscribe. You can make an account and select the groups you want to subscribe to by visiting

Other Avenues of Information
If you do not have internet access or you still have questions about using the agenda or accessing older materials, there are several avenues you may follow for access. You can call the office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors at (540) 658-8607. You can chat with us online via AskBlu on the lower right-hand side of our website. You can call information at (540) 658-8600. The most important thing is ensuring every person has access to the information they need. Stafford County always stands ready to help.