Stafford Improves CRS Rating Resulting in Savings

Stafford County is always looking for more ways to help its residents receive the highest possible savings on their home expenses like insurance, especially in these challenging economic times. Recently Stafford was recognized as a Class 6 community for 2022 in FEMA’s Community Rating System (CRS), an increased rating from the previous Class 7 designation. Stafford is one of only six Class 6 Communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. There are only two communities who were designated as Class 5 Communities, the top rating that was awarded in Virginia.

“By providing a variety of floodplain management related services, we not only make our community more resilient, but our most at-risk NFIP policyholders may also receive a reduction in their flood insurance premiums,” said Paul Santay, Director of Development Services. 

Stafford has participated in the Community Rating System since 2011. This is a voluntary incentive program that recognizes and encourages community floodplain management practices that exceed the minimum requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Stafford’s activities that contributed to the higher CRS rating and the increase in savings for SFHA policy holders are stormwater and erosion and sediment control implementation; preserving floodplain areas through our Chesapeake Bay Resource Protection Areas; Dam Safety; and higher regulatory standards for floodplain development.

Each Class in the CRS program represents a 5% reduction in flood insurance premiums for policy holders within the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), also known as the designated "100-yr floodplain." Our advancement to a Class 6 community represents a 20% overall discount for SFHA policy holders, and a 10% overall discount for all other eligible policy holders. These savings have a total projected community savings of $50,000. Policy holders will start to see their reduced premiums in Fall of 2023.