Stafford Seeking Nominations for Florence D. Helms Award

Stafford County is pleased to announce the opening of nominations for the 2023 Florence D. Helms Award. This award was originally established in 1975 in memory of Florence D. Helms, who made significant contributions to the youth of Stafford County. It is the highest annual award that is given to an individual and/or organization that has made significant lifetime volunteer contributions to the youth of Stafford County.

“We are very proud of our outstanding selection of youth activities, many of which are supported by volunteers following in the footsteps of Florence Helms,” said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, Crystal Vanuch, Rock Hill District. “We could not offer the diverse array of activities that we do without the assistance of our volunteers. Their service is invaluable."

Helms, a registered nurse, passed away unexpectedly in 1975 of cancer but left her mark on the youth of Stafford County. As an active member of the Parks and Recreation Commission, she was instrumental in establishing a volunteer program of medical examinations by doctors for sports programs in the area. Helms was also active in the early years of growth and development of the Stafford County Department of Parks and Recreation. This award has been given to individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of recreation, education, guidance, health, or other fields in which the service contributed to the character development of the youth of Stafford County.

In keeping with the spirit of the Florence Helms Award, two annual awards may be given:

  1. An award in recognition of an individual for lifetime volunteer dedication and contribution toward the development of youth of Stafford County
  2. An award in recognition of a group/organization that has provided support and made outstanding lifetime volunteer contributions toward the development of youth of Stafford County

The criteria for selection of the winner include:  years of volunteer service (20 years minimum), degree of dedication, fruits of accomplishments, and degree of interest and concern for the youth with whom the candidate/organization has been associated.

To be eligible for consideration, completed nomination forms must be returned to the Stafford County Department of Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities office no later than January 31, 2023. Please visit or call 540-658-4872 to obtain a nomination packet. Nominations may be submitted digitally at

Past winners include:

  • SERVE Youth and Community Service
  • Wendy Harris Art Education, Youth Service
  • Rose M. Crocco Youth Literacy and Community Service
  • Evelyn Dittman Youth and Community Service
  • American Legion Post 290 Youth Athletic Programs
  • Daniel Visone Youth Sports and Community Service
  • Carol F. Lysher Youth and Community Service
  • Captain Steve Cary and Tim Doyle Intellectually/Physically Disadvantaged Youth
  • Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters Guidance and Mentoring of Youth
  • Walter S. Osburg Youth Sports
  • Michael H. Robinson Scouts and Youth Sports