Parking Fees at Historic Port of Falmouth

Starting July 22, 2022, non-resident visitors to the Historic Port of Falmouth Park, also known as Falmouth Beach, will be asked to pay a $25 parking fee. The move is an effort by the Board of Supervisors to help reduce crowding and parking issues at the park. Residents of Stafford and the City of Fredericksburg will park for free with a valid ID showing residence.

“This park is in a flood zone and was never meant to be a high-capacity destination venue. The water on that stretch of the river is also hazardous,” said the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors. “While this was a difficult decision, we think charging for parking will cut down on some of the crowding from visitors, not from Stafford or Fredericksburg, making it a safer experience for everyone.”

Starting Friday, July 22, 2022, at 8:00 a.m., drivers will be asked to show identification to prove residency. Acceptable forms of identification include driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations or military IDs. Residency will be determined by having one of the zip codes located in Stafford County or the City of Fredericksburg. Parking eligibility will also be determined by the driver’s status alone.

Those who are not residents will be asked to pay $25 per vehicle by credit card. Cash WILL NOT be accepted. Fishing passes will not count as parking passes for non-residents.

Three parking lots will be available for the park:

  • The Historic Port of Falmouth Park lot parking lot
  • The gravel lot at the Falmouth Intersection of Route 17 and US Route 1
  • The lot at the Grizzle Center at 60 Butler Road

No parking areas include River Road, Gordon Street, Carter Street and Amy’s Café. Towing will be strictly enforced. Please visit for more information.