Stafford County Board of Supervisors Appoints Michael Smith as Interim County Administrator

Stafford County Board of Supervisors appointed Michael T. Smith as Interim County Administrator on April 5, 2022. His appointment is effective April 20, 2022. This decision comes after the resignation of County Administrator Frederick Presley, who will serve in a consultation role between Smith’s appointment and the effective date of his resignation, April 22, 2022. Mr. Smith recently retired from Stafford County as the Deputy County Administrator.

“While my retirement was short-lived, I will always be dedicated to Stafford County, and see it as an honor to come back and serve the staff, public and supervisors of Stafford County until a new Administrator is selected. I will work to move the County forward and ensure continuity during this transition,” said Smith. 

Smith served Stafford County for over 36 years, most recently as Deputy County Administrator. Smith earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from James Madison University. He is a veteran of many graduate-level government courses, including courses at Weldon Cooper, the University of Virginia, and the University of North Carolina.

Mike Smith began as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator for Utilities in 1986. He was Manager of the Cool Springs Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, which was replaced in 1991 with the Little Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant, where he also served as Manager. He also served as the Assistant Director of Utilities, Director of Public Works and Director of Utilities. Mike became Acting Deputy County Administrator in August 2016 and Deputy County Administrator in October 2016.