Stafford County Asking All Residents to Complete Internet Speed Survey

Stafford County asks all residents to complete an internet speed survey to help the County better understand the changing broadband needs of the community. Stafford has partnered with CTC Technology and Energy to facilitate the survey as well as the speed test. The data will give officials a better idea of where there are unserved and underserved households in the county as well as the quality of internet for the rest of users.

This survey and speed test are designed to gather data about the availability and speed of internet service, including identifying locations that lack such service. Those who complete the survey will be asked if they have internet or not, what their address is, what service they have and what device they are using. No addresses will be made public. This information will be used solely for the County's planning efforts.

Residents are asked to complete the survey as soon as possible. The survey may be accessed at