Did You Know: How to Adopt a Pet in Stafford County

When you adopt an animal from the Stafford County Animal Shelter, you are providing a home for one of the more than 6.3 million companion animals who enter United States shelters every year. The process to adopt at Stafford's Animal Shelter is relatively straightforward. A little bit of thought and preparation can ensure that your adoption is successful and a happy transition for both you and your pet.

Before You Adopt

First, think about your lifestyle and home life and how much time you have to engage with a pet. Consider space limitations or the energy level of your household. Next, you can go online on the Animal Shelter's excellent Facebook page and website to look at the available animals. You can visit the shelter and interact with the animal to see if it fits you. If you have another dog, you are welcome to bring the other pet for a meet and greet. Lastly, if you are not ready to adopt, you can consider fostering animals – it helps the shelter, and you might find an animal that becomes your best friend.

The Adoption Process 

One method of adopting is fostering with the intent to adopt. You can take an animal home for 14 days to see if it works out in your home. If it does, you just come in and fill out the paperwork. As well, you can adopt the day you come in and fall in love with an animal. If you adopt an adult animal, you must have it spayed or neutered within 30 days. If you adopt a puppy or kitten, you have six months to spay or neuter. It is $20 to adopt a dog and $10 for a cat, and you must provide a photo ID. If the animal is under six months, the fee includes the first puppy and kitten distemper shot and worming.

The most important thing to remember is that an animal is a lifelong commitment – the animal's life. Dogs live from eight to even 15 years. Cats can live even longer. It can take around six months for an animal to acclimate to your home – bringing them home during the holidays is often a challenging time introducing them to the household.

Stafford's Animal Shelter is located at 26 Frosty Lane, Stafford, VA 22554. They are on Facebook @StaffordCountyAnimalShelter, and the website is https://www.staffordcountyanimalcontrol.com/.