Stafford County Debuts New Color-Coded Wayfinding System at Government Center

Stafford County Government is always looking for ways to serve residents and patrons better. The newest innovation is a series of wayfinding signs around the campus to help visitors determine the fastest way to their destination. Additionally, two large campus maps, with “You are here” buttons, give an overview of all the buildings and departments located around the Government Center campus at 1300 Courthouse Road.

“Our staff devised a color-coded system of signs, both on the floor, walls and in the elevator, which greatly simplifies finding the correct governmental office or court,” said Stafford County Administrator Frederick J. Presley. “We are very pleased with the response so far. At any given time, you can see someone using the map outside or following the decals on the floor.”

The campus maps are located to the left of the front entrance to the George L. Gordon, Jr., Government Center, and the right, between the Government Center and the courts. The maps are a bird’s eye view of the campus, including the Chichester Building, the Gov. Center, the courts, and the adjacent Ford T. Humphrey Public Safety Building. There are also signs in the parking lots to help visitors discern the best lot to park, depending on where they need to conduct business.

Inside, each department has a different color, and color-coded signs on the floor guide the visitors in the correct direction. The color-coded signs are also in the elevators and continue up the stairs, and periodically are posted on the floor until the visitor reaches the proper destination.