Be Extra Vigilant During Excessive Heat

Stafford is facing intense heat this week, particularly on Thursday, August 12, when there is an excessive heat watch. An excessive heat watch means temperatures between 100 and 105 degrees. During heat like this, it is essential to check on those vulnerable to high heat and use extra caution when going about your daily business. Older adults, children, and the sick are at greater risk from extreme heat and those who work outside and animals.

One of the worst tragedies in the world is the death of a child in a hot car. According to experts, parents leaving their child in a hot car can happen to anyone. Parents and guardians can begin to operate on “autopilot” when performing the same routine repeatedly. As well, children are curious about cars and like to play in cars or retrieve things. The good news is there are several things you can do to help prevent needless deaths.

  • Setting an audible GPS to go to your child care destination
  • Talk to your child throughout the drive
  • Set a cell phone alarm to ring when you reach your destination, using your child’s name as the alarm description
  • Do not answer the phone and avoid distractions while driving
  • Create a “look before you lock” process to form an ongoing habit
  • Locking vehicles when not in use.

Cars heat up like greenhouses. Heatstroke can happen to a child (or a pet) in a vehicle when outside temps are as low as 57 degrees. It is never okay to leave a child in the car. Even if you do not have a child, keep checking in our vehicle to ensure neighbor children have not climbed into the car.

Whether you are a parent or not, the National Safety Council has an excellent brief educational course you can take to learn more about preventing accidents. Visit Safety Council for more information.