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Stafford County Emphasizes Water Safety Priority at Falmouth Beach

Stafford continues to bolster efforts to increase the safety of patrons at Falmouth Beach at the Historic Port of Falmouth Park. The safety of residents and visitors has always been a high priority for Stafford’s Board of Supervisors and the County. The highly-utilized Falmouth Beach sits along a shallow stretch of the Rappahannock River with strong currents and underwater dangers like storm debris and slippery rocks. Safety measures include the presence of members of Fire and Rescue’s Swift Water Rescue Team who will dispense safety tips, the provision of personal flotation devices (PFDs) and more education to visitors. In the coming days, informational and educational signs will be debuted from Stafford and the Friends of the Rappahannock, and a video with river safety information will be distributed via social media and Stafford’s website.

“I have had a series of discussions with the community and everyone agrees keeping park-goers safe is the ultimate priority,” said Supervisor Tom Coen, George Washington District. “The park is in my district and I am grateful for the support of the Board of Supervisors in this innovative and multi-organizational approach.”

Members of Stafford Fire and Rescue’s Swift Water Rescue Team have extensive experience on the Rappahannock River, including significant amounts of water safety training. They will be actively present within the park on Saturdays and Sundays through the summer to engage visitors to provide safety tips. Although swimming is strongly discouraged at Falmouth Beach, personal flotation devices will be available for visitors. Stafford’s Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities staff will be posting water safety information signs in multiple languages in the coming days. As well, Friends of the Rappahannock will be providing educational signs both at Falmouth Beach and on the opposite side of the river at Old Mill Park. Further, Stafford County will be debuting a video in the coming week in both Spanish and English with information on staying safe while visiting the park.

“This beach has a historical significance for many of the residents in my district,” said Supervisor Meg Bohmke, Falmouth District. “They love to use the park and the beach and I am pleased we continue to find ways to make it safer for everyone.”

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