Stafford Successfully Launches New, Improved Website

Stafford County announces the successful launch of its new website. The website is geared to be more accessible and responsive. The site domain will remain the same – Users are invited to visit the site and take a tour of the new features.

The County asks users to note a few crucial changes going forward with the new site. The first is subscriptions. If you were previously subscribed, those subscriptions did not transfer. Please visit to resubscribe to Board agendas, public and event notices, social media and several other new options to stay connected. You will get confirmation emails from some of our subscriptions that do require you to confirm in your email inbox.

Even more exciting is that Stafford will be unveiling a news service to include stories, press releases and a monthly newsletter. Head to and sign up under "News and Press Releases" to take advantage of this new opportunity to stay connected.

Again, if you have not yet done so, please visit and take a tour of our site today.