Stafford's Board Elects New Chair and Vice-Chair

Supervisor Crystal Vanuch, Rock Hill District, was elected Chairman of the Stafford Board of Supervisors at the Board’s annual organizational meeting on Tuesday. Supervisor Cindy Shelton, Aquia District, was elected Vice-Chairman. The membership of the Board remains the same as no terms were up last fall. 

“This last year was an incredible challenge, yet I am proud that throughout all of the pitfalls of 2020 our community, county staff, first responders, and educators worked together to rise to the occasion,” said Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Crystal Vanuch, Rock Hill District. “Our experience from last year combined with our dedication to all of our residents will help us continue to address the impacts of the pandemic. It is also important we continue the commitment on healthy growth strategies, ensuring we provide a quality education to our children, and work together with the state and federal agencies to address transportation challenges in Stafford.”

This year, the Board will continue its advancement of the priorities outlined in its Strategic Plan: healthy growth; responsive transportation system; the heartbeat of recreation, history and culture; quality educational opportunities; a vibrant and exciting business community; dedicated and responsive public safety team; and organizational excellence. The Board has asked for and received community input on healthy growth and will continue the discussion later this month. Work will continue on the projects identified in the 2020 Transportation Referendum to make roads safer and more efficient for residents. The development of Downtown Stafford and the whole new gateway to the Courthouse area will also move forward.

All of these efforts will take place against the backdrop of the continuing Coronavirus pandemic. Stafford’s Board has proved adept at juggling the financial impacts on revenues from the virus while maintaining the level of services offered to residents.

“One of our strengths is being very agile in looking for solutions with unexpected challenges from the virus such as the renewed urgency for broadband access for adults and students, and our efforts to alleviate the impacts on county businesses,” said Vice Chairman Cindy Shelton, Aquia District. “We will continue to look for ways to leverage state and federal funding to help our businesses, teleworkers, first responders and students to be successful.”

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