The commission promotes and encourages compliance with the franchise agreements among the cable companies operating within Stafford County, reviews and advises the Board on cable television services, telecommunications, broadband (both wireline and wireless) and local infrastructure issues, and promotes local community programming to keep citizens informed.

Name Title Email Phone
Roinestad, Brian, Chairman Rock Hill District Email (540) 272-9858
Earl Cornish Falmouth District Email (410) 458-4614
Wanda Blackwell Garrisonville District Email (571) 241-1874
Steve Herman Griffis-Widewater District Email (804) 256-7922
Kelly Carder, Vice Chairman Hartwood District Email (540) 429-1574
Brandon Estep Aquia District Email (540) 848-5656
Tim O'Leary George Washington District Email (540) 408-4343

Franchise Providers 

Name Title Email Phone
Anderson, Louise Verizon Email (202) 920-5305
Heo, James Cox Communications Email (240) 743-7226
Daugherty, Nathan Comcast Email (434) 951-3725

County Staff 

Name Title Email Phone
Eubanks, Shannon Stafford Govt Representative Email (540) 658-4893
Steven Rayford Stafford Schools Representative Email