Stafford County Government Offices will be closed in observance of Memorial Day (5/27)
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Recommended Step-by-Step Process for Stafford Citizens Seeking Broadband Internet or Cable Access

See Flowchart: “Citizen Flowchart for Understanding the Complaint-Inquiry Process for Service

Step 1. Franchise Provider Inquiry. Pursue Broadband through Stafford County Cable Service Providers under the Franchise Agreements.

  • Contact Comcast, Verizon or Cox directly and request service.
  • Enter your request for service via the Complaint-Inquiry Form.
    • Calculate your estimated homes-per-linear mile (HPLM). Link to HPLM Form. If your HPLM is >=20, include it in your Complaint-Inquiry entry on the website.
    • Estimate your distance from the main drop. If your distance from the main drop/road is <=150, indicate on the website entry.
  • If necessary, the TCC will assist you in getting a response back to your service request from the Franchise Provider.
  • If you would like, you can attend a TCC meeting and voice your Complaint-Inquiry in the public session.
Step 2 (optional). Infrastructure Business Proposal. If Step 1 is unsuccessful, pursue an Infrastructure Business Plan (IBP) proposal via the TCC.

  • Get the IBP template from the TCC website.
  • Complete an IBP and submit to the TCC for review.
  • TCC will review your IBP and forward it on to Franchise Provider for consideration.