Stafford County
Kathy Baker (Point of Contact for Stafford County; Technical Advisory Group Chair; Planning and Zoning)
Tim Baroody (County Administration)
Ed Keasler (Transportation)
Ed Wallis (Stafford Regional Airport)
Amber Forestier (Environmental)
Dave Capaz (GIS)
Brad Johnson (Redevelopment)
Dale Allen (Utilities)

Prince William County
Ray Utz (Point of Contact for Prince William County; Long Range Planning)
Susan Roltsch (Office of Executive Management)
Chris Price (Planning)
Tom Blaser (Transportation)
Ric Canizales (Transportation)
Marc Aveni (Environmental)
Bill Vaughan (Demographics)
Helen Walla (GIS)
Jim Gahres (Economic Development)
Dean Dickey (Utilities)

Fauquier County
Don del Rosso (Community Development)
Kimberley Fogle (Point of Contact for Fauquier County; Community Development)
Lori Hertig (GIS)
Miles Friedman (Economic Development)
Ray Pickering (Agricultural Development)

Marine Corps Base Quantico
Steve Hundley (Technical Advisory Group Vice-Chair; Community Plans and Liaison Officer)
John Rosewarne (Business Performance Office)
Joe Winterer (Transportation)
Joe Pereira (Range Management)
Captain Craig Olszta (Range Management)
Captain Jerry Robinson (Marine Corps Air Facility)
Amy Denn (Environmental)
Jack Trophia (GIS)
Fred Church (Business Performance Office)
Larry Weedon (Utilities)
Chuck Jenks (Public Affairs)
Tammy Smith (Community Services)
Nathan Stokes (Counsel)
Mike Law (Counsel)