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Ferry Farm 3R Projects

Water and Sewer 3R Projects

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James Canty
3R Project Manager
(540) 658-5191
Ferry Farm Area Water and Sewer Projects

Stafford County Utilities will be conducting several infrastructure improvements in the Ferry Farm area as part of Stafford County’s repair, replace and rehabilitate (3R) program. The goal and intent of the 3R projects are to ensure that Stafford’s water and sewer system continues to operate efficiently and satisfy the present and future needs and expectations of all customers.

Infrastructure improvements in the Ferry Farm area will include:

Inversion lining:

Description: Inversion lining is a trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation technique that uses a cured-in-place pipe relining system. Residents may hear a loud popping sound as the lining expands throughout the sewer pipes. This process typically takes five to six hours per pipe section to complete. When crews are in a specific area, residents will be asked to reduce water usage as much as possible while the pipe liner cures.

Completion Date: TBD

Waterline Replacement Project:water pipes

Description: This is a multiphase, multi-year project where Stafford County Utilities will replace several miles of existing two-inch water line installed by the developer around the 1950s with new six-inch waterline. The new service will also include the installation of several new fire hydrants providing greater fire suppression capability. Residents along the planned route of may experience temporary disruptions in water service and water discoloration while the transition in their phase occurs.


  1. Planning and Design Phase – Project is currently in the design phase.  Construction is not yet scheduled.

  2. Scheduled for Construction – Construction is planned to start within the next 1-2 months.

    Street Paving:

    Planned for mid-September mobilization:
    - Wakefield Avenue
    - Braxton Lane
    - Custis Circle
    - Wayne Street
    - Intersection of Randolph Road and Mercer Lane

    Watermain Installation: 
    - Blair Road from Westwood Drive to Cherry Tree Lane
    - Blair Road from Mercer Lane to Westwood Drive

  3. Currently Under Construction – Construction is currently in progress.  This includes installation of a new water main, water service connection and meter to each residence, site restoration, and/or street paving.
           Streets include:
           - Mercer Lane from Randolph Road to Blair Road

  1. Complete and in Service – New residential water service is connected from the water main to the meter and from the meter to the residence.

    Residences with new water service:
    - 100% - Braxton Lane       
    - 100% - Westwood Drive            
    - 85% - Page Street         
    - 80% - Marshall Place           
    - 70% - Nelson Street                       
    - 65% - Custis Circle         
    - 60% - Wakefield Avenue           
    - 40% - Wayne Street         
    - 10% - Randolph Road

*If your property is not included in one of the project zones shown on the map, then a Stafford County Utilities representative will work with you individually to assure your house is transferred off of the outdated water main before it is abandoned.

Many residences currently have water meters located behind their houses. Part of this project will include relocating the services to the front of the properties where they are more serviceable and accessible to the County Utility workers. An Utilities Employee will work with each resident to determine the best way to reroute the water service on a lot-by-lot basis.

Crews will make every reasonable attempt to minimize impacts and disruptions to the Ferry Farm community during construction. Temporary traffic control and protective measures, including signage, will be in place to keep the general public away from any active work zone and equipment to ensure site safety. Thank you for your patience and understanding as crews work quickly to keep any inconvenience to a minimum.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Ferry Farm infrastructure improvement projects, please get in touch with the Stafford County Utilities Department at (540) 658-8616.