Facility Tours

Wastewater Treatment Facility Tour Specifics

1.Facility ToursDuring your on-site, guided tour you will see our wastewater treatment facility in operation and gain a better understanding of how the wastewater treatment process uses advanced waste treatment techniques to safely return water to Stafford County waterways. Tours encourage visitors to think about responsible water use and how the products they use every day can help protect our most valuable resource - water!

  • Each tour lasts approximately two hours.
  • All members of the tour group should be comfortable in an outside environment, which includes walking a significant distance in an industrial setting. Advance notice is required for accessible tours and accommodations. 
  • Groups younger than 18 years are required to have chaperones (ratio of 1 student to 10 chaperones). 
  • Maximum group size is 30, special accommodations may be made but advanced notice is required.

Facility Tour Safety Guidelines

2.Facility ToursStafford County Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities are industrial sites that operate 24-hours a day, seven days a week. To keep everyone safe, there are a few rules and requirements during the tour.

  • All tour participants must dress appropriately to comply with the OSHA standards:
    • Sturdy closed shoes (no flip flops, sandals, or heels)
  • Be aware of liquid on the floor that may cause a slip hazard
  • Do not lean on or over railings or tanks
  • Avoid touching equipment
  • Stay with the tour group at all times
  • Please be aware of vehicles and machinery operating within the facility
  • No running
  • For your safety, tours will be canceled during inclement weather. Stafford County personnel reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule a tour.

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