These generic checklists were developed by the Center for Watershed Protection to allow for quick assessments of different BMPs using simple visual indicators and to be used to guide routine maintenance. These templates can be customized appropriately to address a specific facility and its design.
Licensed professionals may use these checklists to supplement and submit along with their private inspection reports to the County. If this is done, it should be filled out as much as possible, utilizing the “Comments” section to provide detailed information, have clear pictures attached, and be signed, sealed, and dated.
For personal inspections, such as in HOA use, the checklists should be signed, dated, and maintained at an accessible location such as with an official representative of the homeowner’s association, the individual or company contracted for maintenance, owner, etc.
These include a wide range of potential problems and areas to inspect so they can be customized as needed to comply with your specific facility.

Inspection Checklists