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Stafford County facilities will be open to the public beginning Monday, March 1, 2021. 

The Department of Planning and Zoning is continuing to serve the customers and citizens of Stafford County in a safe manner.  At the moment, the Planning and Zoning staff are working from remote locations.  Moving forward, customers can continue to communicate with us in a variety of ways.  A contact by application type has been provided for your convenience.  You may also visit our staff directory for additional staff information. For general inquiries, you can call the main office line and leave a voicemail message.  Voicemail messages will be returned in a timely manner.  Customers are still encouraged to make appointments.

For inspections or to apply for a permit, contact the Community Development Services Center at (540) 658-8650.

What is Zoning?
We regulate land uses, density, lot size and coverage of a parcel, structure height, the placement of structures, yard requirements, etc.  View zoning ordinance...

Permits - Inspections

Subject Location
(Tax Map)
Date of Determination Zoning Admin Response Appeal Deadline
TM 38-83C
Vesting Determination
Request Letter
TM 59-8
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
59-8 08/17/2021 Response 09/16/2021
TM 44-64 &
Request Letter
TM 37-78, 37-79 & 37-30
Request Letter
37-78, 37-79 & 37-30 03/09/2021 Response  04/08/2021
TM 38-24J
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
 38-24J  01/07/2021 Response   02/06/2021
TM 48-1D & 48-1E
Vesting Determination
Request Letter
48-1D, 48-1E  12/17/2019 Response  01/16/2020
TM 44W-H, 44W-J, 52-1
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
44W-H, 44W-J, 52-1  08/30/2019 Response  09/29/2019
TM 41-1A
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
41-1A  05/23/2019 Response  06/22/2019
Albion Subdivision
Vesting Determination
Request Letter
59-72B, 59-75A 05/30/2018  Response 06/30/2018 
Recreation Business Campus
Permissible Use
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
44W-2  08/07/2018  Response  09/07/2018
Forest Hill Estate Subdivision
Vesting Determination
Request Letter
16-1C 06/01/2018  Response  07/01/2018 
Stafford Hospital Center East Campus
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
39P-A, 39P-B, 39P-C, 39P-1, 39P-1A, 39R-A, 39R-B, 39R-C, 39R-1, 39R-2, 39R-3, 39R-4, 39R-5, 39R-6, 39R-7, 39R-8, 39R-9, 39R-10 06/01/2018  Response  07/01/2018 
TM 44Y-15C
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
44Y-15C 01/18/ 2017 Response 02/17/2017
TM 21-54F, 2195 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
21-54F 11/03/2016 Response 12/03/2016
Austin Park
Vesting Determination
Request Letter
30-7H 06/26/2015 Response 07/26/2015
Austin Ridge Commercial
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
29-60 03/09/2015 Response Withdrawn
Lot 6B, TM 54J-1J1-6A
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
54J-1J1-6A 12/17/2014 Response 01/16/2015
Fox Chase Commons
Proffer Determination
Request Letter
45-217 and
07/30/2014 Response 08/30/2014
Crucible Properties II, LLC
Zoning Determination
Request Letter
35-22 04/10/2014 Response 05/10/2014
Stafford Lakes Commercial
Vesting Determination
Request Letter
44R-5 , formerly known as 44-47A; 44-47B;
04/09/2013 Response 05/09/2013
3089C Parcel LLC Proffer Determination
Request Letter
21-64 10/26/2012 Response 11/26/2012
Aquia Town Center Vesting Determination
Request Letter
21-49 (portion), 21CC-A, 21CC-1,
& 21CC-2
06/08/2012 Response 07/13/2012
Embrey Mill / Proffer Determination of Ordinance 001-08, Proffer 3.a.(i), School Site Dedication - Request Letter 29-53 03/11/ 2010 Response 04/10/2010
Worman Development / Proffer determination of Ordinance O06-14, Proffer number 10 - Request Letter 13-37 03/22/2010 Response 04/21/2010
Austin Ridge / Rocky Ridge Joint Venture / Proffer Determination of Ordinance 003-16, Proffer 2e(i), Monetary Contributions - Request Letter 29-60,
04/02/2010 Response 05/02/2010
Zoning Administrator's Determination regarding the proposed Aquia Pines Hotel Site - Request Letter 21-64 05/07/2010 Response 06/06/2010
Vulcan Construction Material, LP / Zoning Administrator's Determination of Stafford County Zoning Ordinance 28-57 - Request Letter 19-64, 19-65,
09/30/2010 Response 10/30/2010
Cedar Post Enterprises, LLC / Zoning Administrator's Determination of Stafford County Code Section 28-273(a) - Request Letter 30-64 10/19/2010 Response 11/18/2010
Cedar Post Enterprises, LLC / Zoning Administrator's Determination of Stafford County Code Section 28-273(a) - Request Letter 30-65 02/02/2011 Response 03/04/2011
Trucks and Tractors, Inc. / Proffer Determination of Ordinance O88-95(R), Proffer #1 - Request Letter 38-25E 03/23/2011 Response 04/22/2011
Smith Industries, Inc./ Zoning Administrator Determination regarding the M-2 and B-2 uses - Request Letter/ 21-58 07/25/2011 Response 11/23/2011
All requests for zoning verification are to be submitted, in writing, to the:
Department of Planning and Zoning
P. O. Box 339
Stafford, VA   22555-0339

Please be sure to include the assessor’s map and parcel number or property address. The fee for a zoning verification is $102.75 per parcel (this amount includes a 2.75% technology fee). 

Response Time

You should receive a written response to your request in approximately 10 working days; however, unusual or multiple requests may take longer. Verification will not be made over the phone. 

The easiest and quickest way to obtain zoning verification is to review the maps and files in the Department of Planning and Zoning at the Stafford County Administration Center at 1300 Courthouse Road, during regular business hours of 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Enforcement - Violations

We Enforce...
  • Accessory Structures
  • Accumulations of Trash on Private Property
  • Blocking Roadway Site Distance
  • Commercial & Residential Uses
  • Commercial Vehicle Parking
  • Conditional Use Permits
  • Construction Without a Permit
  • Dwelling Occupancy
  • Fencing
  • Frequency of Trash Removal
  • Home Businesses
  • Inoperable Vehicles
  • Kennel Uses / Number of Animals on a Property
  • Land Disturbance
  • Light Trespass
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Setbacks
  • Short Term Rentals on Residential Property
  • Signs
  • Tall Grass, Weeds, & Bamboo
We DO NOT Enforce
Abandoned Vehicles on Public Streets  -  Stafford Sheriff’s Dept. non-emergency (540) 658-4450
Air Quality  -  VA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) at http://www.deq.virginia.gov/Programs/Air.aspx  
Building or Structure Maintenance  -  Stafford County Building Office (540) 658-8650
Contractors' Licensing  -  DPOR- VIRGINIA - http://www.dpor.virginia.gov
Dead, Dangerous, or Fallen Trees  -   If located within VDOT Right Of Way (ROW), www.virginiadot.org
Stafford Emergency Services (540) 658-7200 (dial 911 for emergency) 
Stafford Transportation Department (540) 658-4900  
If on private property please contact the property owner  
Dust  -  VA Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)https://www.deq.virginia.gov/Programs/Air.aspx 
Food Trucks  -  Stafford Environmental Services (540) 288-9018  Health Department Web page for Food Trucks 
Hazardous Materials  -  Stafford Emergency Services (540) 658-7200
Home Owners Associations (HOA) Covenants  -  The HOA Board and citizens.  HOA's are private and civil between residents and the HOA.  
Hoarding or Trash (inside a home)  -  No Zoning regulations for inside a residence.  Reference private help, mental and physical removal.  
Mold  -  Privately handled
Mosquitos  -   Privately handled 
Noise  -  Stafford Sheriff’s office non-emergency (540) 658-4450  County Code Chapter 16   (see Definitions for Daytime and Nighttime hours)
Parking on Public Streets  -  Stafford Sheriff’s office non-emergency (540) 658-4450
Pest Infestation  -  Privately handled
Private Septic Systems & Wells  -  Stafford Environmental Services (540) 288-9018
Property Line Disputes  -  Privately handled.  
Snow Removal  -  Roads located within the VDOT Right-Of-Way (ROW) – VDOT www.virginiadot.org, all others are privately handled. 
State Owned Property  -  http://www.virginia.gov/contact General Services 
Trash in VDOT Right-of-Way  -  http://www.virginiadot.org, RBoard - r-board.org
Unsafe Structures  -  Public works - Building code compliance (540) 658-4502
The Zoning Division of Stafford County enforces zoning violations per Chapter 28 of the Zoning Ordinance in the Stafford County Code, along with selected nuisance violations to the code in accordance with the State Code of Virginia in order to protect the character, health, and welfare of the residents of Stafford County.  Primarily, violation inspections are complaint driven and can be done so by online submittal to Stafford Citizens Assistance.  You can also contact Planning and Zoning at (540) 658-8668 and ask for the Zoning Official of the day.  If the Zoning Official is unavailable, please leave a message with the address in question and a brief description of what the possible violation may be, along with your contact information.

Zoning Violations

Zoning violations are derived from Chapter 28 of the Zoning Ordinance.  The Zoning Ordinance is a permissive code which is the framework for what your uses are as long as you stay in those standards.  Sometimes it can be misconstrued when the ordinance is read, for example, In a zoning district when it states a use permitted by-right are uses in that zoning district without special consideration.  One example is a home business, although it is a use by-right, it still requires permits.  REMEMBER, almost any use or improvement to a property requires some type of permit.  Other types of zoning violations can be conditional use permits (the need for one or not adhering to the standards of the permit), outdoor storage, setbacks, permits for structures, occupancy permits, height restrictions on fences, District Overlays, illegal junkyards, screening, and site plan requirements.  As stated above, uses and standards are just some of the Ordinances in Chapter 28.  We encourage you to call the Zoning Division anytime concerning questions about your home or business.  

Nuisance Violations

Nuisance violations come from the Stafford County Code, Chapter 24, Sections 16 through 18 and 20 pertain to weeds, grass, and bamboo; Chapter 21, Solid Waste, Article I. - in General, Sections 7 and 8, Article IV - Accumulations on Private Property, Sections 51 through 59.2, and Chapter 15, Article IV - Nuisance Inoperable Motor Vehicles on Residential, Commercial, or Agricultural Property, Sections 101 through 104.  These selected codes are under the authority of the Zoning Department.  All other sections of these chapters are under authority of those listed in those sections.  For complaints and/or information on these codes, contact the Zoning Department.