Comprehensive Plan 5-Year Update (2021)

Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036 (PROPOSED 5-YEAR UPDATE)
On October 19, 2021, a Joint Public Hearing with the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors is scheduled to consider amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, specifically the 5-Year update to the Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036 document.  State Code, and good planning practice, requires the Comprehensive Plan to be reviewed every 5-years.  The proposed amendments are a result of work conducted by a sub-committee of the Planning Commission over much of the year.

The proposed amendments may be viewed by clicking on the chapter and sub-chapter links.  To view the current version of the Comprehensive Plan 2016-2036 document, CLICK HERE.

Proposed Amendments – The “Redline” version shows all of the proposed changes in track-change form.  Blue underline highlights the proposed additions, and red strikethrough identifies the proposed deletions.  The “Clean” version represents all of the changes in final form assuming they were adopted as proposed.

Individual Maps