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Street Address Changes

Purpose - Aligning Addresses with Public Safety
On occasion, Stafford County finds it necessary to change an established street address for public safety purposes. Sometimes addresses may need to be changed because the current address is in the wrong location within the street range of addresses in that area. Why is this so important? Consistent addressing standards provide first responders with a reliable way to respond to all emergencies utilizing the 911 dispatch system. In other words, it is paramount for public safety to be able to find you to help you.

County Code 
The authority for maintaining the street naming and address numbering system is given to the Director of Planning and Zoning in Aections 28-143 and -144 of the county code of the County of Stafford, Virginia (code). The Department of Planning and Zoning, in coordination with the Stafford County Office of Mapping and Geographic Information, reviews all requests for addressing assignments, address changes, street name changes and address validation.

County Responsibility
Stafford County implements address changes exclusively when deemed essential to optimize public safety operations. In cases where an address alteration occurs, the County initiates a series of measures to support homeowners throughout the process.

The County will:

  • Update County maps
  • Update County records
  • Notify E-911 Dispatch
  • Notify the United States Postal Service of the address change
  • Communicate address change to applicable County agencies and departments
Owner Responsibility
Owners are responsible for readdressing their own property.

Other responsibilities include (but are not limited to) notifying:

  • Tax agencies
  • Social Security Administration
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Gas and electric companies
  • Phone cable and internet providers
  • Other utilities
  • Homeowners' and renters' insurance
  • Employers
  • Banks and credit card companies
  • Loan/Insurance providers
  • Magazines and subscription services
  • Online shopping sites
  • Business associates
  • Clubs and organizations
  • Friends and family
What to Expect:

  • Initial letter with information about the process.
  • Official letter initiating the street address change process concluding 90 days after receipt.
  • Final status letter close to the 90-day mark.
Have Questions:
Contact Stafford County Office of Mapping and Geographic Information at 540-658-4033. For general information, you can contact us at (540) 658-8668 or

Additional information
Below are some helpful links including Stafford County's address policy, address determination information, and a helpful flyer.