The Planning and Zoning Department provides guidance to the Board of Supervisors and appointed boards and commissions in developing the vision of Stafford County. This guidance ensures future orderly development and economic growth that is reflective of the community’s desires and needs.

Mission Statement
With the future vision for the development of the county, the department will strive to provide exemplary customer service and will protect the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens. The department will do this by ensuring high quality development while being sensitive to natural and historic resources, through creation, regulation, and enforcement of ordinances and policies that are in conformance with community standards and state and federal mandates.

Core Services

  • Boards and commissions support – The department provides direct administrative and technical support to the Board of Supervisors and its appointed commissions and committees for the governance of the county.
  • Comprehensive Plan – The department is the lead agency in the administration of the Comprehensive Plan and its detailed elements. The Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document that shapes the future direction of the county as it relates to the physical development of its land, assisting local leaders, citizens, and staff in the decision making process for capital investment and economic development.
  • Ordinances – The department is the lead agency for the drafting of laws and policies pertaining to land development within the county. These laws and policies are the community’s standards for the type, intensity, and appearance of future development.
  • Regulatory review – The department reviews development proposals for compliance with the community’s standards in coordination with developers, engineers, and state and federal agencies.
  • Regulatory enforcement – The department investigates complaints from citizens regarding compliance with zoning and other laws that affect the appearance of the county including:
    • Abandoned vehicles
    • Accumulation of trash and debris
    • Construction of shoreline stabilization measures such as retaining walls, stone revetments, and jetties
    • Illegal signs
    • Structures such as piers and boat ramps along tidal shorelines
    • Tall grass
Contact Us
The Planning and Zoning Staff Directory includes contact information for all Planning and Zoning staff members, organized by areas of responsibility.  For general information, you can contact us at (540) 658-8668 or