Departments P-Z

Parks & Recreation
The Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Facilities provides leisure services and facilities to all citizens to improve social, mental, and physical development. We coordinate cost-effective, year-round management and maintenance of parks and facilities, aquatics, gymnastics, community recreation, youth and adult sports, and senior citizen programs.

Planning & Zoning
The Planning and Zoning Department provides guidance to the Board of Supervisors and appointed Boards and Commissions in developing the vision of Stafford County that ensures future orderly development and economic growth that is reflective of the community’s desires and needs.

The Purchasing Office reviews and processes all bids and proposals for the County and the School Board to ensure that the best value is obtained for each public dollar spent in accordance with the Virginia Public Procurement Act (VPPA) and the Stafford County Procurement Code. This office is also responsible for the disposition of County surplus property, the issuance of purchase orders, and administering all standard contracts for services and supplies.

Social Services
Stafford County Department of Social Services strives to provide quality assistance and comprehensive services to citizens in need that will strengthen the family structure while promoting self-reliance, responsibility for family and protection of children and adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation through community-based services.

Stafford has been a crossroads for many important events and travelers in history. From Pocahontas and Captain John Smith, to George Washington and his famous fabled "chopping of the cherry tree," to the countless Civil War soldiers' encampments and hospitals, Stafford has centuries of tales to tell.
Stafford Utilities provides water and wastewater service which satisfy present and future needs and expectations of our customers. Performance is directed at meeting and exceeding all regulatory requirements.