Fire Prevention Code Permits

If the task or operation includes a potentially hazardous situation as identified by the Fire Prevention Code, then one or more Fire Prevention Code Permits are likely required. Due to the hazardous nature of these facilities and operations, it is critical to the safety of Stafford County citizens, businesses, and first responders that these locations are inspected and found to be in compliance with the specific requirements set forth by the Fire Prevention Code. The following guidelines have been established to help identify when Fire Prevention Code Permits are required:

Do I need a permit?  Fire Prevention Code Permit Guidelines
These guidelines have been established to help identify when and what type of Fire Prevention Code permits are required by the Fire Prevention Code

If one or more Fire Prevention Code permits are found to be required, the following applications must be completed and submitted immediately to the Fire Marshal's Office along with any additional required information. Most Fire Prevention Code permits must be renewed on an annual basis. If you have additional questions regarding whether a Fire Prevention Code permit is required or about how to obtain a permit, please contact the Fire Marshal's Office at 540-658-8648.

Online Application (Credit Card Payment) 
Paper Application  (Fill out and turn into 1225 Courthouse Road) 

Additional Required Information
In addition to the basic Fire Prevention Code permit application, some applications require additional specific information and forms to be completed for approval. Forms and instructions are provide below for reference.

Blasting Permits
Burn Permits
Explosives Storage
Fireworks: Aerial
Fireworks: Itinerant Vendor
Fireworks: Pyrotechnics or Flame Effects