Burn Laws

Virginia Department of Forestry - Stafford County Fire Risk

Stafford County Fire Risk
Local and state regulations determine when and where residents of the county can conduct open burning. For safety and environmental reasons, the information contained on this page is designed to provide legal and practical guidance to residents and businesses as they pertain to open burning.

At any time, the community may contact the Fire Marshals Office at 540-658-8648 during business hours or 540-658-4440 for additional information.

Stafford County Burn Law
Find the Summary of the Stafford County Burn Law (PDF), which outlines additional guidelines for burning within the County of Stafford. Enclosed you will also find contact numbers to notify the County of your intent to burn and when permits may be required.

Virginia Department of Forestry Burn Law
Find the Summary of Section 10.1-1142 (PDF), VA Department of Forestry Burn Law. This law is statewide and should be adhered to before burning.

Risk is the probability that an event will occur, and the wildfire hazard-risk assessment examines six variables affecting the likelihood of wildfire: wildfire occurrence in the area, population density, slope, aspect, land cover and distance from roads.

These 6 variables are weighted according to their importance and geographical location (coastal plain, piedmont and mountain regions). Homes within or adjacent to wildland fuels, in areas of high fire occurrence, and on steep slopes may have a higher risk of burning. Homes that are not located near wildland fuels, in areas of low fire occurrence, and in relatively flat terrain may have a low risk of burning.