Departments A-E

Animal Control
It is the purpose of the Animal Control Division to insure a safe coexistence between animals and people, to enforce the comprehensive animal laws of the commonwealth of Virginia and Stafford County, to humanely provide for the animals that come into our care at the pound and to educate the citizens of Stafford on proper care, bite prevention, rabies control and disaster preparedness.

Budget and Management
The Budget Office supports the County Administrator in preparing the Annual Financial Plan for the County.

Capital Projects
The Capital Design and Construction Department is responsible for:
Public Construction, Transportation Engineering and Utilities Construction Projects

Community Engagement
The Community Engagement Office leads the communication efforts with staff serving as the main spokesperson for the Stafford County Government. In addition, staff members work with media representatives, maintain government cable channels, coordinate special events, and assist with the maintenance of Stafford's Web site.

Cooperative Extension
Cooperative Extension provides education through programs in Agriculture and Natural Resources, Family and Consumer Sciences, 4-H Youth Development, and Community Viability.

Development Services
Development Services aims to streamline the processes that citizens and businesses must go through for building and development projects in Stafford County.  

Economic Development
Located on the “Capital Edge,” halfway between Washington, D.C. and the state capital of Richmond, Virginia, Stafford is well positioned to help your business. It is the mission of the Department of Economic Development to administer a comprehensive program designed to attract, retain and facilitate the expansion of high quality business, industry and tourism.