Community Survey

Stafford conducted its first-ever community survey in 2022. The responses from this survey are used to help the Board of Supervisors formulate  Stafford's Strategic Plan. The survey was a holistic survey, covering residents' views on every service provided to our county by every level of government, not just Stafford County Government. The data helped the Board formulate plans for the community and helped it lobby for Stafford on the state and federal levels. The survey results also allowed Stafford to benchmark its progress compared to other localities nationwide.

This survey provided insight into:

  • Economy
  • Mobility
  • Community Design
  • Utilities
  • Safety
  • Natural Environment
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Education, Arts, and Culture
  • Inclusivity and Engagement

Stafford County worked with Polco, an independent community engagement polling company, to conduct a two-part community survey: a non-biased survey targeted at a smaller random group of residents equidistant around the county and an "inclusive" survey open to all residents. 

Community Survey Results

The 2024 Community Survey ran from March 1 through April 12, 2024. The survey results will be presented at the May 21, 2024, Board of Supervisors meeting. 

2024 Results

2024 Community Survey Final

2024 Community Survey Results

2024 Results Presentation

2022 Results

2022 Community Survey Final Report

2022 Results Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions (updated for 2024)

Who was chosen for the survey?

All households within Stafford County were eligible to participate in the survey. A list of all households within the zip codes serving Stafford County was purchased from Go-Dog Direct based on updated listings from the United States Postal Service. From that list, addresses were randomly selected as survey recipients. An individual within each household was selected using the birthday method. The birthday method selects a person within the household by asking the “person whose birthday has most recently passed” to complete the questionnaire.

How was the survey conducted?

The 4,500 randomly selected households received mailings beginning on March 1, 2024, and data collection for the survey remained open for six weeks. The first mailing was a postcard inviting the household to participate in the survey. The next mailing contained a cover letter with instructions, the survey questionnaire, and a postage-paid return envelope. All mailings included a web link to give residents the opportunity to respond to the survey online, as well as QR codes to further encourage participation. All follow-up mailings asked those who had not completed the survey to do so and those who had already done so to refrain from completing the survey again. The survey was available in English and Spanish. All mailings contained paragraphs in both/all languages instructing participants on how to complete the survey in their preferred language.

Was the survey open to everyone?

In addition to the randomly selected “probability sample” of households, a link to an online open participation survey was publicized by Stafford County. The open participation survey was identical to the probability sample survey with two small updates; it included a map at the beginning asking where the respondent lives and a question about where they heard about the survey. The open participation survey was open to all county residents.

I have questions about the survey. Whom should I contact?

If you have further questions about the study, please contact the Department of Community Engagement at