Welcome to Blu’s Academy – your citizen education headquarters! We have created informational videos highlighting each department’s function in Stafford County and a study course to help you learn more. Check out this welcome video from our County Administrator!

Blu’s Academy is an ongoing educational program - you can sign up anytime!

What: Blu’s Academy consists of a “semester” where you can learn more about Stafford by viewing videos with a curriculum and timeline. As students watch each video, they answer simple questions and check off each video. Students who turn in the worksheet will receive a graduation certificate and special prize!

How: Please visit our registration form.

Download the worksheet.


Stafford County Department Videos

Budget and Management
Capital Projects
Commissioner of the Revenue
Community Engagement
Constituent and Legislative Affairs
County Administration
County Attorney
Development Services

Updated April 2023
Fire and Rescue
Human Resources
Human Services
Information Technology

Updated April 2023
Mapping and Geographic Information
Parks, Recreation, Community Facilities and Tourism

Updated April 2023
Planning and Zoning
Sheriff's Office
Social Services
Treasurer's Office
Voter Registrar