Transportation Master Plan
The first iteration of the Transportation Master Plan is currently in development. The Master Plan process will undertake a Performance-Based Planning approach where a needs assessment is completed, a prioritization tool is developed, and an identified program of projects is prioritized. It is built as a blueprint to guide transportation investment decisions and to help inform policymakers and county residents of the transportation planning process.

Phase 1: Existing Conditions and Project Prioritization
This phase establishes the purpose, goals, objectives, and context of the Master Plan. It is developed as an understanding of existing conditions throughout the County with input through public engagement, the County Comprehensive Plan, and other relevant documents. Further, it develops a comprehensive list of projects and prioritizes them through the development of a project prioritization tool. 

Phase 2: Multimodal and Travel Demand Management
This phase further analyzes multimodal projects and projects supporting travel demand management and amends them into the Master Plan through an updated project prioritization tool. This effort will also identify key corridors to connect activity centers and priorities for modal emphasis or which modes should be planned for in future corridor modification projects.

Phase 3: Smart Technologies
This phase will encompass an understanding of future technology and big data approaches to transportation. The recommendations will be based on varying assumptions about the future, including land use, the transit system, and the deployment and adoption of emerging technologies such as automated and connected vehicles and other multimodal applications.