Projects in Construction

Berea Church Road        


 Projects in Pre-Construction

Route 1 and Courthouse Road   Route 1 and Telegraph Road and
Woodstock Lane
  Celebrate Virginia Parkway and
Banks Ford Parkway
Route1CourthouseRdv2   TelegraphWoodstockv5   CelebrateRoundaboutMap


 Projects in Right-Of-Way

Staffordboro Blvd         


 Projects in Design

Route 1 and Enon Road (Bond)   Onville Road (Bond)   Brooke Road
EnonRoad   OnvilleRoad   BrookeRoad

Stefaniga Road and Mountain View Road   Shelton Shop Road (Bond)   US-17 Business at RV Parkway
StefanigaRd   SheltonShop   US17RVPkwy


 Future Projects in the CIP

Route 1 and Layhill Road (Bond)   Garrisonville Road Widening
Phase 1 (Bond)
  Garrisonville Road Widening
Phase 2 (Bond)
LayhillRoad   GarrisonvillePhase1   GarrisonvillePhase2

Leeland Road (Bond)   Route 1 and American Legion Road and Eskimo Hill Road    US-17 Business from Olde Forge Dr to Lendall Lane
LeelandRoad   Route628   US17Sidewalk

 Safety Wedge Widening (2019 Bond)

Safety widening consists of widening the existing pavement section by approximately 2-feet on either side and overlaying the roadway with asphalt to create a wider pavement section to help increase safety and reduce run-off-the-road accidents. Click here for more information: Map of Major Construction and Road Widening Safety Improvements

Andrew Chapel Road (Complete) Garrisonville Road Ramoth Church Road (Complete)
Barrett Heights Road Hartwood Road (Complete) Rock Hill Church Road
Brent Point Road (2024) Heflin Road Spotted Tavern Road (Complete)
Brooke Road Joshua Road Stefaniga Road (2025)
Courthouse Road Kellogg Mill Road (Complete) Tacketts Mill Road
Cropp Road (Complete) Little Whim Road Telegraph Road
Decatur Road (2024) Mountain View Road (Complete) Truslow Road
Enon Road McWhirt Loop Woodstock Lane
Falls Run Drive Poplar Road Winding Creek Road (Complete)
Ferry Road Potomac Run Road  

 Secondary Six-Year Plan
Provides for the distribution of Telecommunication Fees (Telefees) paid by communication companies for the use of VDOT right-of-way along with state funding for unpaved state roads. Projects are approved by the Stafford County Board of Supervisors every May and constructed by VDOT. Additional information can be found on the Transportation Planning Secondary Six-Year Plan webpage here.

 Completed Projects