Zoning Application for Temporary Outdoor Seating

Virginia Governor’s Order 61 allows temporary outdoor seating with a Virginia Health Department (VDH) and Alcohol Beverage Control (AB) Authority Permit for the sale of alcohol. A VDH/ABC permit requires proof of County approval. This permit has been developed to expedite the County approval process at no cost to the business. 

  1. The seating area must be 50% or less of the total approved occupancy for the existing use.
  2. All requirements specified under EO 61 and EO 62 must be followed.
  3. The outdoor seating area shall not be located within any travel lanes, fire lanes, accessible area, or access to and from the building.
  4. The area, or areas, need not be covered under the licensee’s lease or have permission from the owner and be within 100 feet of the establishment
  5. A diagram of the outdoor seating arrangement must accompany this application.
  6. Temporary outdoor areas shall be roped off and designated for the existing use.
  7. All requirements outlined in the “ABC Response to Temporary Approval of Outside Dining Areas” must be followed.
This form will be submitted to the Zoning Office
Note: Health Department approval may be needed.

Applicant Information:

Site Location:

Current Owner Information:

Sketch your Business Outdoor Seating Area: For your convenience, an Online Sketch Tool (http://gismapping.stafford.va.us/OutdoorSeatingSketch/) has been provided.

Please type your name in the space provided. By signing you declare under the penalties by law, this application has been examined by you and to the best of your knowledge is true, correct, and complete