Potomac Pump Station Upgrade

Bid Number: 21-041-9408SB
Bid Title: Potomac Pump Station Upgrade
Category: Utilities
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: J&G Contractors, Inc.

Contractor shall furnish and install approximately 85 linear feet of a 12-inch high concrete knee wall around the existing pump station wet well access and the existing valve vault access at the Potomac Pump Station site. The scope also includes the re-grading of the site around the knee wall to create drainage swales to ensure positive drainage surface runoff and eliminating ponding of surface runoff on top of both the access points. Appurtenant work shall include associated clearing, erosion control and site restoration work as described in the Contract Documents, Specifications, and Drawings.

Submittal Information:
Bid Opening Information:
2/19/21 @ 2:15 PM via WebEx
Addendum Date/Time:
February 1, 2021
Pre-bid Meeting:
02/01/21 @ 10 AM via WebEx
Contact Person:
Sylvia Dyson, VCO, VCCO

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