Smith Lake WTF Hypochlorite System

Bid Number: 21-020-9408SB
Bid Title: Smith Lake WTF Hypochlorite System Improvements
Category: Utilities
Status: Awarded
Bid Recipient: WGK Construction LLC

The completed Work will provide Owner with a new sodium hypochlorite storage and feed system for the Smith Lake Water Treatment Facility.

The project includes demolition of existing storage tanks, equipment pads, piping and portions of the existing Process Building walls; installation of one (1) new temporary sodium hypochlorite storage tank and temporary wall closure followed by installation of two (2) permanent FRP storage tanks, new equipment pads, piping and valves, level measurement and the installation of two (2) new fiberglass translucent panels and associated structural steel framing in the new wall openings. The project will also include the temporary relocation of the sodium hypochlorite metering pumps followed by the installation of four (4) new pumps on a new pump support table.

The existing HVAC system serving the sodium hypochlorite storage and feed room shall also be demolished and any wall opening sealed. A new HVAC system and ductwork shall be installed to heat and cool the modified sodium hypochlorite storage and feed room. Other minor structural, architectural, sprinkler piping and electrical improvements necessary to provide a complete installation shall also be provided as part of the project.

The procurement and installation of one (1) initial temporary hypochlorite storage tank shall be prioritized to minimize the amount of time that the remaining existing sodium hypochlorite storage tank, which is in poor condition, is used to store sodium hypochlorite. The County is currently using a temporary rental chemical delivery tanker to supplement their existing sodium hypochlorite storage system, but this solution is not ideal.

Publication Information:
Closing Date/Time:
11/10/2020 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
Electronic submission via only!
Contact Person:
Sylvia Dyson, VCO, VCCO
Contract Officer

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