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Falls Run
I-95 Interceptor Crossing

Installation of approximately 650 linear feet of 36-inch gravity sewer line - 600 linear feet of 48-inch steel casing by bore -  Appurtenances will convey wastewater from the west side of 1-95 to the east side of I-95 for the Falls Run Interceptor

$1.5 M


Claiborne Run Parallel Force Main Replacement

Construct parallel 24-inch sewer force main from the Claiborne Run Force Main to the Little Falls Run Wastewater Treatment Facility -  This approximately 35,000 linear foot force main is the main link to the treatment facility from all wastewater collection in the southern part of the County and is required to facilitate additional growth

$6.5 M 
Phase 1

$3.5 M
Phase 2

July 2019 
Phase I

End of 2019 Phase 2

Route 1 Wayside Sewer Interceptor (MP Project A-30)

Construct approximately 5,000 feet of 18-inch interceptor gravity sewer line - Will upgrade the collection capacity south of Aquia Wastewater Treatment Facility - Will serve increased development in the Courthouse Area

$3.2 M

June 2019

Claiborne Run Sewer Interceptor Replacement

Replace 2,500 feet of the existing Claiborne Run gravity sewer interceptor with a 42-inch line to accommodate future flows and replace a current line that is at the end of its useful life

$5.0 M

July 2019

Lower Accokeek Pump Station Force Main & Gravity Lines

Design and construct a 3 MGD sewage pumping station and associated force main and gravity lines to serve the Southern Courthouse Area

$12.0 M

Spring 2019

5 Interceptor Crossing
Falls Run I-95 Interceptor Crossing