Courthouse Area - US-1 Improvements

US-1 - SR-630


The Route 1 & Courthouse Road Intersection Improvement Project will widen approximately 0.65 miles of Route 1 to provide dedicated left-turn lanes onto Courthouse Road and Bells Hill/Hope Road.  Route 1 will be improved to a 4-lane, divided roadway with a concrete median separating northbound and southbound traffic.  Dedicated left turn lanes will be added to Route 1 at Courthouse Road and the Bells Hill/Hope Road intersection to improve traffic signal function and reduce intersection delays.  Eastbound Courthouse Road will be widened to provide a dedicated left-turn, right-turn, and through lane. Westbound Courthouse Road will be re-striped to provide a dedicated left-turn, right-turn, and through lane.  An 8 foot sidewalk will also be installed along both sides of Route 1.


UPDATE:  MARCH 2018 - Received Right-of-Way authorization from VDOT Feb 16th - Consultant to start property appraisals - utility relocations are expected to start in the fall of 2018 - construction is anticipated to start in early 2020 and be completed by the end of 2021

Public Hearing Brochure - June 9, 2016


For any questions or additional information about the project, please contact:  

Alex Owsiak,  PE - Transportation Project Manager - (540) 658-4593 -