Brooke Road Safety Improvements



​Brooke Road Detour Plan Map


- Clearing & grubbing continues - wet weather delaying progress
- 1st box culvert extension complete - work on 2nd box culvert extension underway
- Branch completed paving a section of road behind closure
- Working with AMT, Dominion Energy, & Verizon on additional relocations necessary at the Stagecoach/Rustic Ridge intersection - Branch intends to start work in this location in the next 2 months
- Road has been closed to thru traffic as contractor works on installing vinyl sheet piling & constructing culvert extensions - road scheduled to re-open by the end of February 2019
- Possible @ $400k in change orders to raise the road about 12” to reduce flooding ($24k) and deal with soft soils along the wetlands ($388k)


From 2.44 miles south of Eskimo Hill Road (SR-628) to 0.64 mile south of Eskimo Hill Road - Project Length = 1.8 Miles 
Project is part of the Youth Driver Task Force (YDTF) recommendations and is included in the 2008 Transportation Bond Referendum.  Cost is @ $5.2 M.  Improvements project will reconstruct Brooke Road to meet Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) 3R standards (resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation).  Improvements include horizontal and vertical realignment, typical section improvements (lane width, shoulder width, and roadside features), and sight distance improvements.  The roadway typical section will include two standard 11’ lanes with adjacent 6’ shoulders in each direction, and roadside ditches to convey local drainage.  Stormwater management in accordance with County and VDOT standards will be provided using traditional stormwater management basins along the length of the project.
Brook Road Map Public Meeting 05.07.18


- Detour & road closure necessary to extend existing culverts under the road
- Portable message signs installed at least one 
week prior to closure 
- Detour signs will direct traffic - detoured motorists to follow signs 


- Allowed Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Saturday all day - Sunday none
- To maintain at least one travel lane at all times during the day
- Will maintain access to all businesses & residences during construction
- Will reconstruct one lane while traffic travels on adjacent lane 
- Be prepared for shifts in traffic


- Pardon Our Dust Meeting held May 7, 2018 - Brochure


- County - Alex Owsiak PE
Transportation Project Manager (540) 658-4593
- Branch Civil - William Huard - Project Manager (571) 208-7979
- AMT & Associates Inc - Walt Harrison CMM
Construction Manager
- VDOT - Robert Ridgell PE
Area Construction Engineer
Brooke Road Grading