The Geographic Information System (GIS) office supports the County with geographic analysis, survey control information, maps, data, large format printing, training and technical support. This information is used to provide improved decision making and information to support County departments, the Board of Supervisors and to some degree, citizens. Nearly every goal of the County's comprehensive plan has a spatial component supported by GIS. The system serves as a data depository on land boundaries and geographic data. This information is maintained to reflect the changing face of Stafford County.

For more information on what GIS is, please visit the ESRI website

Interactive Mapping*
• Real Estate Online/Tax Maps-2017
Applications and Data • Subdivision Application/Permit Forms
• Digital Plat Submission Requirements 
    (updated 2016)
Land Use and Economic Development Tool
(Identifying Parcels Buildable Area)

 * This site contains the latest 2016 aerial photos and Pictometry -oblique imagery viewable from the north, east, west, & south. Also viewable, prior years: 2014, 2012, & 2010.